7-8 ottobre Morenic Trail 2023 - 119 Km – 2540 m D+

Corri sull'orma del ghiacciaio


Lago di Bertignano 25.3 Time barrier: 12.45
Guado Dora Baltea 62.2 Time barrier: 18.15
Mazzè 63.7 Time barrier: 18.30
Chiesa di Santo Stefano 75.0 Time barrier: 21.00
Ponte dei Preti 100.4 Time barrier: 03.00
Brosso 118.4 Finish


Andrate 0.0 START
Magnano 14.3 Aid station
Costa dell’Armonda 20.0 Water
Lago di Bertignano 25.3 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 12.45

Morzano 31.9 Water
Masino 43.1 Aid station
Maglione 51.7 Water
Lago di Moncrivello 54.5 Water
Guado Dora Baltea 62.2 Water

Time Barrier: 18.15

Mazzè 63.7 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 18.30

Chiesa di Santo Stefano 75.0 Aid station

Time Barrier: 21.00

Costa di Santo Stefano 76.8 Water
Villate 79.6 Water
Vialfrè 85.0 Aid station
Favro 91.0 Water
Torre Canavese 92.5 Water
Ponte dei Preti 100.4 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 03.00

Altipiano di Nonani 107.5 Water
Lago di Alice Superiore 110.4 Aid station
Lago di Meugliano 115.9 Water
Brosso 118.4 Finish

Rest area – Awards

Bus to Ivrea



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BUS  IVREA – ANDRATE (start): 6:30 am Saturday morning departure from Ivrea (MOVICENTRO) of ​​the buses for Andrate

BUS  BROSSO (arrival) – IVREA : for car recovery, shuttles from Brosso to Ivrea are planned, as well as during the night between Saturday and Sunday (departure from Brosso at 01.00) and on Sunday mornings after breakfast and prize-giving (departure from Brosso at 10.00).

ATTENTION: from this year there are no shuttles to recover the car from Brosso to Andrate, we advise everyone to reach Andrate using the Saturday morning shuttle bus from Ivrea.

ACCOMMODATION IN BROSSO: the night between Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to stay overnight in a gym in Brosso (you need mattress and sleeping bag).

BAGGAGE TRANSPORT SERVICE: a luggage transport service from Andrate to Brosso is available. Luggage must be delivered on the morning of Saturday before departure.

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Friday September 30th 2022

At Ivrea Canoa Club – via Dora Baltea, 1 – Ivrea (TO)

17.00 -19.00 bib distribution

18.00 -18.30 briefing

Delegation for pick-up of other competitors: download here

N.B. for the relay: a member of the team can pick up the bib and race packages for everyone without the need for delegation.

Saturday October 1st 2022

8.00-8.30, Andrate (TO): last bib numbers, compulsory material check

8.45, Andrate (TO): last-minute briefing

9.00, Andrate (TO): departure

6.00 pm, Brosso (TO): first arrivals

Sunday October 2th 2019

9.00 Brosso (TO) last arrivals

8.00-9.00 Breakfast for all participants

9.00 Brosso (TO): awards

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Valchiusella Night Run – Non competitive race 8 km 200 D+

Valchiusella Night Run Kids – Non competitive race 3 km 

The race takes place along the last stretch of the Alta via of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea, the path of the Morenic Trail, part of the project “The school adopts a path”


You can register online at the “wedosport” website at the following link, if you register or pre-register online (data entry without paying, which can be made at the bib collection) the cost is: cost € 10 adults – € 5 children and teenagers up to 16 years.

For those who do not make the online pre-registration cost increased by € 3

Bib numbers and registration fee:
in the starting area at Lake of Meugliano on Saturday October 5th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
in the starting area of the lake of Alice Superiore Saturday, October 5 from 18:00 to 19:30


Start Saturday 5 October from the lake of Alice Superiore at 8.00 pm
Reduced route for children (up to 10 years) start from Lake of Meugliano at 8:00 pm
10.00 pm awarding of the competitors who will present with the most “morenic” clothing.
11.00 pm departure of the first shuttle to return to Alice Superiore

Race pack: personalized cotton t-shirt

It is possible to deliver at the start a small backpack with a spare that will be delivered upon arrival in Brosso.

Participation open to all, minors can participate with permission of parents and minors of 16 years only if accompanied.


Art.1 – DATE

The Baltea Runner ASD announces and organizes on October 13, 2018 the 3rd edition of the Valchiusella Night Run, run / walk on the path with recreational-motoric and leisure purposes. The start is set at 8:00 pm at Lake of Alice Superiore and for children at 8:00 pm from Lake of Meugliano.


People of all ages and abilities can take part at the event. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Bicycles or any other means of transport are not permitted. The participant relieves the organizers from any responsibility for his physical fitness to take part at the event and from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and / or things caused by him or to him derived from participation in the race. He also authorizes the organization to use any image related to his participation at the event for any legitimate use without remuneration.

The event will be suspended in case of particularly adverse weather conditions at the discretion of the organization.

The route is marked with “Morenic Trail” strips and reflectors.

The willingness to register and participate in the event is also considered a tacit declaration of physical fitness for this non-competitive amateur sports activity. The organization therefore, that according to the current rules is not required to request a medical certificate of good health to the participant, considers with the registration the physical suitability inherent to the legal rules provided by the D.M. 28/02/1983 on health protection for non-competitive activities and declines any civil or criminal liability for events that physically can happen before, during and after the event.

In particular, complaints or injuries caused by failure to comply with the sporting foot traffic rules and failure to comply with the road code, early departures, non-compliance with the road code, early departures or deviations from the route traced by the organization will not be taken into consideration.

The participation fee gives the right to:

race bib
RCT insurance and medical assistance
Official T-shirt

Registration and delivery of bib numbers:

in the starting area at Lake of Meugliano on Saturday October 13th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
in the start area to the lake of Alice Superiore Saturday, October 13 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

The bib number is strictly personal and cannot be given to third parties.

Art. 5 – AWARDS
There will be no awards regarding the order of arrival as a recreational-motor-leisure activity. The organization will award the participants that, according to its judgement, will present the most “morenic” clothing.

It is compulsory to bring a battery (with an autonomy of at least 3 hours or with spare batteries) and wear appropriate clothing, we recommend the use of front stack, long pants and shoes suitable for walking.

Medical assistance will be available upon arrival

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Valchiusella Night Race

Competitive race 18.5 km 760 D +

Competitive night race starting at Strambinello Ponte Preti and finishing in Brosso.
Start at 9.00 pm on 5 October 2019


from 1 to 30 June: 15 euros
from 1 July to 15 September: 20 euros
from 15 September to 3 October: 25 euros

Race pack:

personalized t-shirt and beer at the arrival
Available Shuttle from Brosso to Strambinello: departure at 8:00 pm

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