Regulation – Big Rock

Big Rock Morenic 2024 regulations

these regulations may be subject to change

last updated 11/05/2024

  • Organisation

The association ‘A.S.D. Baltea Runner’ (non-profit amateur sports association) organises on 28 and 29 September 2024 the first edition of the running event called ‘Big Rock Morenic Endurance Run’ competitive trail race.


  • Race

The event proposes 3 events that will take place along a single 16-km (10-mile) loop course on paths and dirt tracks in hilly terrain:

  • 100 miles: ten laps of the circuit approximately 160 km with 3500 metres of positive altitude difference
  • 50 miles: five laps of the circuit approx. 80 km with 1750 metres of positive altitude difference
  • 50 km: three laps of the circuit approximately 50 km with 950 metres of positive altitude difference

The race takes place at free pace, within a limited time.


  • Participation

This race is open to all persons, men and women, who are at least 18 years old at the time of registration, UISP, FIDAL members or RUNCARD holders.

For all races, previous participation in other events is not required, but you must:

  • be fully aware of the length and specificity of the race and be fully prepared.
  • to have acquired, prior to the race, experience in a natural environment in order to be able to deal with the problems associated with this type of race and in particular
    • being able to cope alone, without help, with weather conditions that could become difficult (night, wind, cold, fog, rain or snow)
    • being able to manage, even in isolation, physical or psychological problems due to great fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, muscle or joint pain, minor injuries, etc.


  • Self-sufficiency

Semi-self-sufficiency is understood as the ability to be autonomous for the duration of the race between one refreshment post and the next, with regard to safety, food and equipment, thus enabling one to cope with encountered or foreseeable problems such as bad weather, physical discomfort, injuries, etc.

The organisation will operate two refreshment posts along the 16 km loop (one in the start/finish area, the second approximately 8 km from the start) where competitors will be able to find food and drink. Plastic cups will not be available at any of the refreshment posts. For drinking, runners must provide themselves with a glass or other suitable personal container.


  • Conditions for registration

This race includes passages on paths and roads and conditions can be very difficult (night, wind, cold and rain). There are no mountaineering difficulties, although there are technically demanding short sections along the route (steep, non-exposed descents). Careful training and a real capacity for personal autonomy are indispensable for the success of this individual event.

The non-italian runners must use and fill in the form that they can find here: download


  • Acceptance of the rules and ethics of the race

Participation in the race leads to the unreserved acceptance of these regulations and the ethics of the race.

  • Registration modalities

Baltea Runner ASD is a non-profit amateur sports association; the registration fees to be paid by the athletes are to be understood as individual contributions by the competitors to cover organisational costs and not as a purchase of services.

The registration fees for the year 2024 are as follows:


By June 30th By August 31st by September 22nd
100 miles € 90,00 € 100,00 € 120,00
50 miles € 70,00 € 80,00 € 95,00
50 k € 50,00 € 60,00 € 75,00


  • Refund of registration fees

It will be possible to request a refund of the entry fee (minus 10 Euro for expenses) until 10 September 2024. After this date, nothing will be refunded. In the event of the race being cancelled for reasons beyond the organisation’s control (e.g. exceptional bad weather), the organisation will not be obliged to make any refunds. However, the organisation undertakes as of now to evaluate, subject to budget constraints, the possibility of partial reimbursements, possibly also in the form of discounts on the registration of future editions.


  • Material

By registering, each runner signs an undertaking to carry all the obligatory material listed below with him throughout the race, under penalty of disqualification.

Compulsory (checks at the start and along the route):

  • Headlamp with spare batteries (night time)
  • Glass/container for liquids (no glasses available at refreshment posts)
  • Mobile phone (save the organisation’s emergency number)

Strongly recommended

  • Water reserve of at least 0.5 litres
  • Spare front headlamp
  • Survival blanket
  • Whistle


  • Bibs

The bib must be worn and made visible at all times throughout the race. It must therefore be placed on top of all clothing and under no circumstances fixed to the rucksack.

Before the start, each runner must pass through the bib control before entering the starting area. On passing through each control point and at the finish, the runner must ensure that he/she has been duly registered. In the event of failure to register the passage and the subsequent start of the runner’s search, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner.


  • Starts and maximum time

The starts will be

Saturday 28 september 2024

100 miles        6:00 AM

50 miles          8:00 AM

50 k                 9:00 AM


The conclusion of the competitions is set for all three distances at 2.00 pm on Sunday 29 September.

In the event of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organisers reserve the right to suspend the current race, delay the start, vary the route or change the time barriers.


  • Abandonments and re-entries

In the event of abandonment of the race along the route, the competitor is obliged, as soon as he/she is able to do so, to go to the nearest control or refreshment post, communicate his/her abandonment by registering. In the event of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the subsequent start of the search for the runner, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner.


  • Accompaniment

Pacer/Crew are allowed, only for the 100 miles distance The Pacer may follow the designated athlete after the fifth lap (50 miles). The Pacer may not carry any of the athlete’s equipment and may not give food and/or water assistance to the athlete along the route. Pacers must have a sports medical certificate for competitive activity valid at least until the day after the event (1 October 2023).


  • Crewing

Crewing is allowed in the area of the Race Headquarters in Pianazze where the athlete can enjoy the assistance he considers appropriate. The Crew, however, may not be stationed inside the Refreshment Area but only outside it and must therefore provide assistance in the space outside the Race Headquarters.


  • Race Headquarters

The Race Headquarters will be structured in several areas: Control area: located in the immediate vicinity of the finish/start area where volunteers will check the athlete at the end of the Loop by punching the bib. The athlete can decide whether to start immediately or stop in the Refreshment Area; Refreshment Area: via a special path the athlete can reach the dedicated area where he/she will find volunteers for the distribution of liquid/solid refreshments and the area for depositing his/her Drop Bag.  The Drop Bag for the race must have a maximum size of (50x50x50) No one will be allowed to enter the Kitchen/Organisers/Depot Area: only organisers/volunteers have access to these areas; the area outside the Race Headquarters area will be open to everyone. Spectators and friends are allowed to support and incite the athletes within the limits of decorum and interpersonal respect.


  • Penalties – disqualifications

A number of controllers are authorised on the course to check the compulsory equipment and in general, the respect of the entire regulation (respect of the venue and ethics, assistance, pectoral not visible …). All competitors not found in possession, at the time of the control on the route, of even a single element of their compulsory equipment will be penalised or disqualified, with no possibility of appeal on this sanction . Irregularities ascertained also by means of video images received by the organisation after the race may result in disqualification. The competition jury may pronounce the disqualification of a competitor in the event of a serious breach of the regulations.


  • Complaints

Only written protests are accepted within 30 minutes after the posting of the provisional results, with deposit of € 50.00.


  • Jury

The jury is empowered to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all disputes or disqualifications occurring during the race. Decisions taken are without appeal.


  • Changes to the route or time barriers – Cancellation of the race

The organisers reserve the right to change the route or the location of the rescue and refreshment posts at any time, without prior notice. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (heavy depression with important amounts of rain, strong risk of thunderstorms…) the start can be postponed; outside a certain time limit, set by the Race Director, the race is cancelled.


  • Responsibility

Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the runners, who assume responsibility for their race conduct. At the time of registration, the runner must sign a liability waiver. The organisation takes on the task of organising the race in such a way as to minimise dangers for the runners. The organisation disclaims all liability for misbehaviour on the part of competitors. In the event that a competitor disregards the ethics of the race or engages in behaviour that could endanger his or her own or others’ physical safety, he or she assumes responsibility.

Competitors are obliged to pay attention to danger signs and follow the instructions on warning signs. Crossing of roads is under the full responsibility of the individual competitors in compliance with the applicable road traffic regulations.


  • Safety and medical assistance

Assistance personnel (refreshment, rescue) will be present on the territory.

The rescue personnel will provide assistance to all persons in danger with the organisation’s own means or through contracted organisations. Medical officers and rescue personnel are authorised to suspend competitors deemed unfit to continue the race. The rescuers are authorised to evacuate runners judged to be in danger by all means at their disposal.

A runner who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits himself de facto to their authority and undertakes to respect their decisions.


  • Classifications and prizes

No prize money will be distributed.

A general men’s and women’s ranking will be drawn up for each distance. Prizes will be awarded to the first three male and female finishers in the general classification.



  • Image rights

By completing the registration competitors authorise the organisation to use, free of charge and without territorial or time limits, still and moving images of them during their participation in the event.

Each competitor expressly renounces the use of their image rights during the event as well as any recourse and/or action, in any forum, against the organisation, its members and its authorised partners, for the use made of their image.