Big Rock


BIG ROCK MORENIC ENDURANCE RUN brings iconic ultrarunning distances to the Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea: come and run 100 miles, 50 miles or 50 kilometers among single tracks, trails and dirt roads.

Loop race on 10-mile (16.100 km) loop and 350 meters dsl +/- with Race Headquarters in Pianezze Natural Park in Vialfrè. 

50k – 950 meters dsl +/- approx

50 miles – 1750 meters dsl +/- approx

100 miles – 3500 meters dsl +/- approx

Camping facilities with showers and toilets, food court, music and support guaranteed: the 30 hours ultraparty! 

BIG ROCK is a celebration of running and sharing, but most of all the pleasure of doing it in a unique environment: come prepared, we’ll take care of the rest.

Registration open on may 15!