1) OrganizationThe association «A.S.D. Baltea Runner “(non-professional sports association for non-profit) organizes the Morenic Trail 2022, for single athletes and relay teams. The possibility to participate in couples has been introduced: the competitors, who will run in this way, will have to start the race, pass through the checkpoints, and arrive together.

2) CompetitionWalking in a natural environment, which follows, except for limited variations for reasons of safety and logistics, the path of the Alta Via of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea with start in the village of Andrate (TO) and finish in the village of Brosso (TO ).Morenic Trail has a 119 km route with a positive difference of 2540m.The race takes place at free speed, in a limited time.

3) ParticipationThis competition is open to all persons, men and women, who are 18 years old at the time of registration (categories from Juniores to Veterans), members or not. Only at the competition of the relay teams can take part, subject to the authorization of a parent, underage boys who have just had the 16 years.

4) Self-SufficiencyThe race is in semi-self-sufficient food. The organization will manage the support points where the competitors will find food and drinks. No plastic cups will be available in any support points. To drink the runners must have a glass or other personal container suitable for the use. Each trailer must make sure to have at his disposal the minimum amount of water required as mandatory material, that will be necessary until he reaches the next support point.

5) Conditions for registrationThis race includes passages on paths and roads, and the conditions can be very difficult (night, wind, cold and rain). There are no mountaineering difficulties, although along the way there are very short stretches from a technical point of view (steep descents not exposed). An accurate training and a real capacity of personal autonomy are essential for the success of this individual trail. There are no specific limitations to take part to the Morenic Trail, but, for individual trail in particular, it is highly recommended to have already participated to other long trails (more than 50km) before this competition.A medical certificate for the valid competitive activity recognized in your country of residence is mandatory to validate your registration. Those competitors who did not send the certificate to the organization, must deliver it at the bib pick-up, or at the bibs pick-up(for the relay teams).

6) Acceptance of the rules and race ethics Participation at the Morenic Trail leads to unconditional acceptance of these rules and race ethics. Competitors will sign a copy of the rules for acceptance of the same (for the relay trailers the rules to be signed will be available at the start of their fraction).

7) Registration procedureFrom 01-05-2022 it will be possible to register by following the instructions indicated on the website at, which is an integral part of these rules.

8) Reimbursement of registration feesIt will be possible to require the return of the registration fee (minus 10 euros for expenses) until September 10th 2022. After this date, nothing will be returned. In the event of cancellation of the race due to causes not depending from the organization (for example exceptional bad weather), the same will not be required to make any refund. However, the organization commits, by now, to evaluate, subject to budget limits, the possibility of partial reimbursements, possibly also in the form of discounts on the registration of future editions.

9) MaterialBy registering, each runner signs the commitment to bring all the mandatory equipment listed below during the whole race, under penalty of disqualification.

Mandatory (checks at departure and along the route:

–    Minimum water reserve 1/2 liter
–    Head lamp with spare batteries-    Survival blanket
–    Whistle
–    Windproof jacket
–    Road-book
–    Glass / container for liquids (no glasses are available at support points)
–    Mobile phone (please store the organization’s rescue number – see the Road Book and do not forget to leave with a full battery)

Strongly recommended

–    GPS
–    Food reserve
–    Long pants (over the knee)
–    Warm clothing
–    Reserve front lamp The competitor who wishes to use the sticks must keep them with him for the entire duration of the race.


10) BibsThe bib must be worn and always made visible totally throughout the whole race. It must therefore be placed above all clothing and in no case fixed on the backpack.Before starting, each runner must pass to check the bib number before entering the starting area. When passing through each checkpoint and upon arrival, the runner must make sure that he has been regularly registered. In case of failure to register the passage and the consequent start of the competitor’s research, every expense deriving will be charged to the runner himself.

11) Checkpoints and support pointsThe tracking of competitors is carried out at all checkpoints and support points.Only runners who wear well-visible bibs can have access to the support points.Some “Flying” checkpoints can be positioned in other places outside of the support points. Their position will not be communicated by the organization.

12) Maximum authorized time and cut-offs.The maximum time of the Morenic Trail is fixed in 24 hours. The departure times (cut-offs) from the main checkpoints will be defined and communicated in the Road Book. These cut-off times are calculated to allow the participants to reach the finish line in the maximum times imposed, making anyway possible stops(rest, meals, …). To be allowed to continue the race, the competitors must start from the checkpoint before the scheduled deadline.Otherwise they will be disqualified, and the bib number withdrawn. The competitor who wants to continue without a race bib and out of the race, will do it assuming all responsibility for the consequences that could arise. In case of bad weather conditions and / or for reasons of safety, the organization reserves the right to suspend the race in progress, delay the start, change the route or change the cut-offs.

13) Retirements and re-entriesIn case of retirement from the race along the route, the competitor is obliged, as soon as he has the opportunity, to go to the nearest checkpoint or support point and communicate his retirement by registering and the organization will take charge of his return to the finish point in Brosso. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of the trailer’s research, any expenses arising will be charged to the runner himself.

14) Penalty – disqualificationOn the route some controllers are enabled for the control of the mandatory material and in general the respect of all the rules (respect for the place and the ethics, assistance, bibs not visible …). All competitors not found in possession of a single element of their mandatory material will be penalized or disqualified, without any possibility of appeal on this sanction. The irregularities ascertained also by means of video images received by the organization after the race, may cause disqualification. The jury of the competition can pronounce the disqualification of a competitor in case of a serious lack of respect of the rules.

15) ClaimsOnly written claims presented within 30 minutes following the notice of the provisional results are accepted, with a deposit of € 50.00.

16) JuryThe jury is authorized to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all the quarrels or disqualifications occurred during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal.

17) Changes to the route or cut-off times – Cancellation of the raceThe organization reserves the right to change at any time the route or places of the recovery and support points, without notice. In the event of adverse weather conditions (strong low depressions with important amounts of rain, heavy risk of thunderstorms …) the start can be postponed; after a certain time limit, established by the Race Director, the race is canceled.

18) Road Book and GPS tracks
The Road Book, in its most updated edition, will be available on the Morenic Trail website. Competitors are invited to download and print it. In it there will be practical information such as the closing times of checkpoints, the description of the route, and the coordinates. Each update of the Road Book will be published on the website. No copy of the road book will be delivered with the bibs to the competitors.

On the Morenic Trail website the GPS route of the race will be available in the days before the race.

19) Responsibility
Participation is under the full responsibility of the competitors, who take responsibility for their race conduct. At the registration, to close the practice, the runner must sign a disclaimer of responsibility (also downloadable here). The organization assumes the task of organizing the race to reduce the dangers for the competitors at the least. The organization declines all responsibility for incorrect behavior by competitors. In case a competitor does not respect the ethics of the race or assumes a behavior that could affect his own or others’ physical safety, he has to assume his own responsibility.
Crossings of busy roads will be signaled with appropriate warning signs but will not be manned. Competitors are required to pay attention to the warning signs and to follow the instructions on the warning signs. The crossing of the roads is under the full responsibility of the individual competitors in compliance with the rules of the current highway code.
In correspondence of the busiest roads, assistance staff of the organization may be present.

20) Safety and medical assistance
Personal assistance staff will be present on the route (support, relief).
Rescue personnel provide assistance to all persons in distress with the organization’s own resources or through partner organizations. Official doctors and rescue personnel are authorized to suspend competitors that they deem not fit to continue the race. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate the runners judged in danger by all means of their own convenience.
A runner who appeals to a doctor or rescuer submits himself to his authority and commits himself to respect his decisions.

21) Rankings and prizes
Only the competitors who reach the finish in Brosso will be included in the ranking and will be registered on arrival. No cash prizes will be distributed. A general classification will be drawn up for men and women, male, female and mixed relay, and a separate ranking for couples. The first three male and female classified in the general classification will be awarded, and also the relay teams and the winning couple.

22) Rights to the image
Each competitor expressly renounces to use the rights to the image during the race as well as waiving any appeal against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use made of its image.