Lago di Bertignano 25.3 Time barrier: 12.45
Guado Dora Baltea 62.2 Time barrier: 18.15
Mazzè 63.7 Time barrier: 18.30
Chiesa di Santo Stefano 75.0 Time barrier: 21.00
Ponte dei Preti 100.4 Time barrier: 03.00
Brosso 118.4 Finish


Andrate 0.0 START
Magnano 14.3 Aid station
Costa dell’Armonda 20.0 Water
Lago di Bertignano 25.3 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 12.45

Morzano 31.9 Water
Masino 43.1 Aid station
Maglione 51.7 Water
Lago di Moncrivello 54.5 Water
Guado Dora Baltea 62.2 Water

Time Barrier: 18.15

Mazzè 63.7 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 18.30

Chiesa di Santo Stefano 75.0 Aid station

Time Barrier: 21.00

Costa di Santo Stefano 76.8 Water
Villate 79.6 Water
Vialfrè 85.0 Aid station
Favro 91.0 Water
Torre Canavese 92.5 Water
Ponte dei Preti 100.4 Aid station – Relay change

Time Barrier: 03.00

Altipiano di Nonani 107.5 Water
Lago di Alice Superiore 110.4 Aid station
Lago di Meugliano 115.9 Water
Brosso 118.4 Finish

Rest area – Awards

Bus to Ivrea



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SHUTTLE BROSSO (arrival) – ANDRATE (departure Morenic Trail – 119K): 6:45 am on Saturday morning departure from Brosso

SHUTTLE BROSSO (arrival) – CANDIA (departure Morenic TraiLake – 50K): Saturday morning at 12:00 departure from Brosso

ATTENTION: there are no shuttles for car recovery from Brosso to Andrate, Candia or Ivrea, we advise everyone to reach Andrate and Candia using the Saturday shuttle buses from Brosso.

OVERNIGHT STAY IN BROSSO: the night between Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to stay overnight in the multipurpose room in Brosso (sleeping bag is required).

LUGGAGE TRANSPORT SERVICE: the luggage transport service is available from Andrate (departure) to Brosso (arrival) and, moreover, from Andrate to the “Church of Santo Stefano” refreshment point (km 75). The bag to be delivered to the “Church of Santo Stefano” must have a maximum size of 40x20x25 cm while for the bag to be delivered to Brosso there are no size limits.

The bags delivered to the “Church of Santo Stefano” will be returned to the athletes on Sunday morning in Brosso before the award ceremony.

Luggage must be delivered to Andrate on Saturday morning before departure.

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Thursday September 28th 2023

At “Sala Dora Baltea” – Stadio della Canoa – Ivrea (TO)

18.00 -20.00 bib distribution and “Morenic Trail aperitif”

Friday September 29th 2023

At La Pisicna – via Cairoli, 12 – Brosso (TO)

17.00 -19.30 bib distribution

18.00 -18.30 briefing

Delegation for pick-up of other competitors: download here

N.B. for the relay: a member of the team can pick up the bib and race packages for everyone without the need for delegation.

Saturday September 30th 2023

6.45, Brosso(TO): 6.45 am Saturday morning departure from Brosso (arrival) of ​​the buses for Andrate (strat)

8.00-8.30, Andrate (TO): last bib numbers, compulsory material check

8.45, Andrate (TO): last-minute briefing

9.00, Andrate (TO): departure

6.00 pm, Brosso (TO): first arrivals

Sunday October 1st 2023

9.00 Brosso (TO) last arrivals

8.00-9.00 Breakfast for all participants

9.00 Brosso (TO): awards

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